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Ingrid Syrstad Engen talks after Nigeria win

Norwegian midfielder fresh off of her World Cup debut

Following Norway’s 3-0 win over Nigeria, briefly spoke to Norwegian midfielder Ingrid Syrstad Engen about the match.

WF: “What did you make of the match?”
ISE: “We followed our plan and we got three goals in the first half and we’re really happy right now.”

WF: “Coming into the tournament, was there any worry about not scoring goals?”
ISE: “We have scored a lot in the game before, this spring, we have confidence now and we showed it today.

WF: “It was a physical match, were you expecting that from Nigeria?”
ISE: “Yes, we were we watched Nigeria a bit and we knew they were fast and strong and,” [gestures to icepack on her leg] “I felt that.

WF: “And in a game like that when you keep going down, do you get in your head about getting injured or so you remain focused on the football and don’t think about it?”
ISE: “I don’t think about it.”

WF: “Group A is a tough one, was there any match of the three that you were targeting as one to win?”
ISE: “Every match is equal and it’s always good to win the opening game and now we just go for France.

WF: “In the first ten minutes, the team was pressed hard by Nigeria, was there any panic in the team?”
ISE: “It was tough in the beginning and we were a bit stressed in but we got better.

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