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Joe Montemurro speaks after comprehensive win over Bristol City

Having eased to another Continental Cup group stage win, we spoke to Arsenal manager, Joe Montemurro about the demands of the season.

WF: “Seven-nil, thoughts on the match?”

JM: “Not bad, we tried a few things tonight, it was good, had a lot of the ball and dictated play.

WF: “There were only five substitutes named on the bench, are there any injury concerns we should know about?”

JM: “We can only make three [laughs] we’re all good, we’re just giving everyone a bit of a rest. Where we can rest players we will, where we can rotate we will because we know the second half of the season will be brutal.”

WF: “Between the league cup and Champions League, the team have been playing a lot of mid-week games, leaving quite a short turn around, does it put extra strain on yourself as well as the team to prepare for the next?”

JM: “It’s all part of being pro footballers and high-performance sport; game after game. To be honest, the best way of learning is playing games and any opportunity to play, we play and obviously, you have to do more recovery than actual training, getting on the actual pitch and doing full sessions is different but it’s all part of it and we have to adjust accordingly.”

WF: “We saw Leonie Maier with more of an attacking role, often higher up the pitch that Daniëlle van de Donk, is that something you’ve been looking at in training; that increased fluidity?”

JM: “We brought her to the club because she’s an attacking fullback, she’s fantastic inside and outside, a bit further on and that’s part of our pro-active way of playing football. We attack with our full-backs and we’re front-foot defending and we’re always in advanced areas when we are defending that’s the way we play and that’s the players we look to bring to the club.

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