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Lucy Bronze on England’s loss to New Zealand

Following England’s surprise loss to New Zealand (FIFA rank #19) on Saturday, Lucy Bronze spoke of the learning curve for the Lionesses and why the loss doesn’t worry her.

WF: “Are you frustrated following the loss?”
LB: “It might be frustrating, but the performance wasn’t; we still played some very good football, we created I don’t know how many chances – probably more than we usually do.”

WF: “Is there any worry that you didn’t score?”
LB: “We played against Denmark and scored two when we weren’t at our best, so we know we have goals in us we can go and work on that. We have some of the best strikers in the world… top attacking players and we know we can create so I’m not worried one bit.”

WF: “It was a nice hot day, but it’s going to be a lot hotter in Nice…”
LB: “I’d like to think the English are more adapted than the Scottish to the hot weather [laughs]. We’ve been adapting, trying to do warm weather stuff off the pitch but if we can possess the ball we won’t have to do so much work out of possession.

WF: “What did you learn from the loss?”
LB: “You can’t switch off for a second, you have to be at your best for every second of the game, no matter who you’re playing against. Football’s football, anybody can win on the day.

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