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Megan Alexander left frustrated after poor performance

With ten points from their first five league games this season – a first day loss to London City Lionesses the only blot on their record before a 3-2 loss to Crystal Palace at the end of October, the London Bees seem to have stalled in recent times. Following their 2-1 loss to unbeaten Aston Villa over the weekend, we spoke to captain Megan Alexander about the progress of the team.

First off, 2-1 against a team trying to run away with the title, what did you think of the match?

We’re not happy with our performance but to only lose 2-1 to top of the league after a bad performance isn’t too bad but I feel like we’re a bit gutted that we didn’t get out there and put our best foot forward because we’re always going to ask, ‘What if?’”

Before you faced them, Villa had only conceded eight goals all season – five of which were against the three teams pushing them at the top – are you happy [as a team] to have gotten the goal?

We knew where to exploit them, we knew they liked to push forward and leave space at the back and that’s what we worked on all week and it’s nice to get the goal when we’re not playing well. I thought [Lauren] Pickett showed a lot of composure when she went through. It’s just difficult because we know where we went wrong and we’re kicking ourselves…we just do a little bit better we can try and match the teams at the top.

It was a great start to the season but, in the Championship, the team has started to struggle for points, is the league just getting that bit tougher?

I think the league is very competitive, even at the bottom. We played Charlton and the Villa and there’s not much difference between the two teams it’s just about consistency and winning when you’re playing bad.

When you look from Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Durham and LCL to the Bees – especially with the up and down nature of the team over the last few seasons – is the plan for the year promotion or just improving?

Every season you go in to do the best you can and our aim is to go up eventually. When you look at this year, with the amount of new faces we’ve had in and the amount of change we’ve had at the club it’s always about building on from where club finished last season. But we know that we win games and lose games and we’re inconsistent and that’s on us and how we improve on that but every week I feel like we’re getting better even if we’re not playing to our best.

Against Villa, the team seemed to really rally after conceding but unfortunately, that seems to be a theme for the season…

We didn’t start very well and we’re working on that, working on different things to get us motivated but it comes down to us and we are disappointed and we seem to play better when we go behind which is something we don’t want to. I’m proud of the girls and we are improving, and we’ve still got quite a lot of young players and when we gel more we’ll start getting a lot more results.

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