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Women's Championship

Merrick Will talks Conti Cup

Following the London Bees’ loss to Brighton in the league cup, we spoke to Merrick Will about the match and her thoughts on the structure of the competition.

WF: “Brighton scored a couple of blinders…”

MW: “Yeah, a couple of goals were just quality, when you play a full-time side, some you can’t do anything about.

WF: “In general, are you happy with the performance?”

MW: “I’m happy with the girls work rate, I think we kept going and it can be hard to keep going when concede one goal and another in quick succession. I think, first half of the first half we matched them in spells, we went toe-to- toe for a while.”

WF: “Do you think the first goal changed the balance of the game?”

MW: “It’s gutting to concede just before half-time because I think it would have been a different game had we gone in at nil-nil, but credit to them they got into their full flow in the second half. But we’ll take the positives from it from where we can.”

WF: “As a Championship team, your backs are always going to be against the wall when you come up against full-time professionals…”

MW: “We know we could have played better in some spells today but we know and Lee [Burch] knows it’s hard to play against full-time sides.”

WF: “If you go back a couple of years, the Bees had that memorable run to the Conti Cup semi-finals, it’s no surprise that that was in the only year the cup didn’t have a group stage. What do you think of the current format?”

MW: “I think it’s not a bad idea, for us, it’s nice to play against full-time teams and to have the opportunity to play against quality sides. But it would be nice to potentially have, not necessarily the group stages, so you have more chance to reach the quarterfinals and that just makes it a bit more exciting for part-time clubs to see how far they can go. When you have two or three full-time sides within a group, it’s always going to be one-sided.”

WF: “The team has been up and down in recent years but it looks like Lee has turned things around, what’s the mood like around the club?”

MW: “People are getting excited, we’re playing good football although the recent run of results hasn’t gone our way, we’re still positive and looking to the future and we know we can play good football.”

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