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Sherida Spitse after Cameroon win

Following the Netherlands’ win over Cameroon in Valenciennes, we briefly spoke to the Dutch midfield rock, Sherida Spitse.

WF: “It was a tough game [against Cameroon] what did you make of it?
SS: “I think we played a good game and we were in control for most of the time but it’s always hard to play against this kind of team; they are physical, they are fast, they want to fight.”

WF: “Is there any more pressure on you coming into the tournament as European champions?
SS: “Everyone looks at us differently now because we are the European champions, and that’s normal now everyone wants to beat us. The pressure is a little more on us but we have to stay calm, that’s the important thing.”

WF: “Coming into the tournament, was there an overall goal, or is it just about taking it one match at a time?
SS: “We are looking at the game by game and now we have played two games and we have six points so we are really happy with that and the next game is Canada and we will see how that goes with how we are go through.”

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