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Women's World Cup

Women’s World Cup highs and lows

The confetti has long since been swept up, the Parc OL scrubbed clean, the distinctly blue branding and wraps peeled from all nine stadia. Fans and teams alike have returned home to reality – with the exception of the delirious and inebriated world champions, reality a distant concept for them – with the hazy summer already blotting out of the memory.

Before the comedown fully kicks in, it’s time to cast an eye backwards towards the retreating shadow of the eighth Women’s World Cup to the highs and lows of the tournament…

Low: The ticketing snafu that saw families and friends separated from each other despite buying their tickets on the same order, followed by FIFA outwardly doing little to resolve the confusion.
High: Ultimately, not too many people seemed affected by the error of the LOC when it came to allocation with some moved and others moved back, the tickets accepted even if they hadn’t been printed at home.

Low: Baguettes in the morning, baguettes in the evening. We all ate too many baguettes.
High: Crêpes, the respite to the endless baguettes.

Low: Poor organisation when it came to fan shuttles getting to and notably, from grounds after late kick-offs. Not every venue was affected in the same way, but ultimately, too many fans ended up stranded.

Low: VAR and the new rules coming into effect with little in the way of practice before the tournament.
High: Knowing that everyone in men’s football will have to suffer through the new rules too.

Low: None of the four debutantes making it out of the group stage.
High: All 24 teams scored at least one goal over the tournament, giving everyone a chance to celebrate.

Low: Overall, the tournament attendance was down on 2014.
High: Overall, the tournament completely smashed through record television viewing figures, with women’s football taking light across the planet.

It might not have been a perfect five weeks for anyone, there was footballing heartbreak, sunburn and hangovers but the tournament forced many to stand up and take note of the women’s game. Legacies left in place of silverware, the globe enamoured with women’s football this summer.

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